Saturday, March 2, 2013

spots of color

When I got up this morning and headed to the kitchen, I was greeted by three little quilts.  My mug rugs were smiling at me from the counter top and table.  I wondered recently why I do these silly little quilts.  Today I recognize it is just for fun, to add a little color around the house. 

I looked in the living room and there sit three quilts, adding color to that room.  Beside adding comfort when we snuggle up with them.  There is a purpose behind my silliness.  I do enjoy the process of quilting form start to finish. I love the finished products and can share quilts with others.  This adds some color and comfort to their homes.  So I am off to dig through my scraps.  I can complete a few more mug rugs.   I will throw in a fabric postcard for my sister-in-law and take a few steps to move another UFO quilt toward completion.

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