Thursday, January 17, 2013

UFO Quilt challenge to self

Here goes!  Day one of a blog about quilting.  

I currently have a list of 80 WIP's (works in progress) or UFO's (unfinished objects) or UFQ (unfinished quilts).  The WIP's include completed tops needing quilting.  Tops needing binding.  Tops in various stages of development.  Some tops have material cut, others are blocks already together or material with a pattern ready to be cut and then sewn back together.  I have quilts in various stages.  In visiting another Blog it was suggested that you make a commitment to completing your unfinished objects.  I have followed the clever idea and made an excel spread sheet of my current state of affairs.  

I knew I had many projects in various stages of construction, but to find 80 projects, including two new patterns today, was unbelievable.  This has now become my challenge for 2013.  

I selected 12 unfinished projects from my lovely excel spread sheet and designated these quilts to their own special month.   I gave the list of 80 projects with the quilts selected to be completed to my quilting coach.  She has agreed to keep me on target.  

Any other quilters want to take on your own personal quilt completion challenge for 2013?


  1. Wow Su...I am afraid to look and see what I have going on...but I think the spreadsheet is a wonderful idea and I may have to start one too. I know that I have many started and not finished project. I look forward to following along with you and will try to keep pace!

  2. Thanks for following me in this adventure! The spread sheet was to keep me honest and document my tops. When I moved back downstate, I had 48 projects in various stages of completion. In my sewing room here I had more and of course I had other ones I have since started! Some are tops all done!
    My January task is to put borders on “Star Scrappy” or “Scrappy Stars.” I actually got the quilt done at a Saturday class with Margaret. I love the quilt. I think I carefully folded it on a hanger, hung it up and then moved back to this house. The top went into my sewing room. So now it is out pressed and ready for borders and free motion quilting! Going to get off my blog site and get sewing!