Wednesday, July 31, 2013

july quilting!

Wow!  So many finishes.   Two queen size quilts are done.  Wall hangings are done including labels.  Doug finished quilt number 3 and gave it to his sister.  He's working to quilt and finish number two.  He is going to number his quilts and not name!

Two more mug rugs for my brother and sister-in-law are completed and going in the mail with the 99 cents baby quilt she picked up at thrift shop.   We offered to fix 'er up and then mail it back to her.  We thought it was just a binding adjustment, as batting was showing through due to unevenness and mismatched edge.  So pulled binding off.  Then realized a little more tender care was needed.  So fixed some edges and squared up and then Doug did the quilting.  Re-applied binding and it is ready to be used!  Someone had fun putting this four patch together.  

Now I am preparing for Collaboration Celebration!  A mini vacation trip to North Carolina and a class with Bonnie Hunter,  and Mickey Dupre,   We are both so excited.  Doug is not going to quilt but I will be doing the class.

So need to gather materials from my stash to take for Collaboration Celebration!
Here are a couple of finishes!

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