Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Been busy sewing and creating.  Took part of my time to re-organize the room where all my material, projects and the cutting table are located.  On Monday, we put up wonderful shelves on one wall.  I will post before picture and after picture, showing the change.  What a difference this has made in getting work done!  This has helped me work easier and to bust the stash!  

I found small piles and containers of material that are now cut into workable pieces for future or current scrappy quilts.   I have two scrappy quilts in progress.  One is a string quilt and the other is a leader-ender that will become Scrappy Irish Chain, from Bonnie Hunter's book, Adventures with Leader and Enders, make more quilts in less time!

In addition to quick access and more space, I now have a quick view of all my WIP's, or Projects in Plastic.  Two years ago I made a list of all the quilts in progress.  I have been working to finish these or move the material to other projects.  The list is of 104 projects in some shape or form, either started or material gathered, or project others have given to me.  I am working to complete! Problem is that some new quilts pop up and get started.

A recent "pop up" quilt that got started was a Halloween quilt.  I had the material on my shelf.  I bought it in the past when it was on sale thinking it would make a nice fun quilt for my new son-in-law.    My American Patchwork and Quilting magazine arrived.  There was my Halloween quilt pattern just smiling at me on the front cover.

I must get back to sewing.    I am off to take picture of newly organized wall one in sewing room.  I hope it inspires others to take a look at your work areas to gain some space and clear your brain!

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