Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday, February 8, after the Michigan snowstorm.  We woke up to 15 inches of beautiful snow and sunshine today.  By 11:00 a.m, I was plowing down the subdivision streets, which had not been plowed, to get to the main road.  I was off to the work session of our "two person  quilting bee."   I spent the afternoon working to complete a table runner!  One side left on hemming the binding to complete and can check this off my project list.  Funny how you get a project going, almost to completion, and then set it aside!  Started the table runner in the fall, so four months later I am finishing.

Watched as my buddy prepared her "material pages" to start her "Stitch Bible."   She did complete one page of stitches.  She has 300 some stitches on her Janome!  Making a "stitch bible" is a great way to introduce yourself to your sewing machine.   When you finish each page of your machine's stitches, you have a nice reference point for the stitches that can be created by you and your sewing machine.   Finished my "Stitch Bible" in December.  A great reference tool for me.

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