Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project completion for February

January projects have been 98% completed.   One quilt top is at quilter's to be completed.  Scrappy Stars and "Stars" Magic Card Trick #1 are both sitting next to sewing machine.  I will be doing the quilting on these in next two weeks!  February projects will be the guild challenge, which will be real challenge for me!  Several ideas sketched out, some material being auditioned and then start cutting and sewing.   Second project will be "Strictly for the Birds"  a pattern being shared by Denise Russart at her blog.   Check out her blog and her creative quilts patterns.

I took an afternoon break and put together two mug rugs...and re-organized my scrap fabrics.  In the process I found two more quilt tops that are ready to be completed.  So they have been added to project list.

Scraps are being organized by color and others organized by size, the strip width or squares.  Have wonderful scraps but was too cumbersome to get at them.  Explained the system to my husband.   He loved it.  Material selection is better organized and the next scrap quilt can get started.   

Thank you to Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville for insightful ideas on organizing.  Also thanks to folks who post their organized sewing rooms on Pinterest!

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