Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update on projects! & snowfall

Magic Star quilting progress:  pulled center quilting stitches out and quilted area again.  Second time looks I have put it away until next Friday as I have other tasks to get done...BUT

At Sunday Stitchers today I supported folks in getting pages done on their Stitch Bibles.  Fabric pages of stitch samples that they can make on their sewing machines.  We buy these great machines or have small simple ones, but do we really get to know the machine.   The Stitch Bible allows you to attempt and learn the stitches your sewing machine can make.   Now that my stitch bible is complete I can use.   I have a "Stupendous Stitching" art quilt in progress. Working to complete this by end of March.

I came home this afternoon and just had to make my first Fabric Postcard, which can use the decorative stitches I have discovered on my machine.  Attached a picture for readers!

 Now I have put sewing away for a few days as I have student papers to grade and maybe pick up some things around the house!  Will be quilting again on Friday! or will squeeze some time in for therapy after paper grading completed.  

15 " of snow fell Thursday night!
Snow February 8, 2013

Snow came on Thursday night!  Enjoyed all day Friday and Saturday.  Today warm weather and rain is making snow disappear quickly!

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  1. Look at the Puppers, you weren't kidding about the snow. Wow!